A friendly neighborhood restaurant located in the heart of historic Salem, Massachusetts.

A little Pig history

Why the name?

Essentially, "in a pig's eye" is an expression meaning you're pulling my leg or putting me on.

Our research has found that it was originally first penned in 1876 by a man name Petroleum V. Nasby, a political columnist from upstate New York. You might wonder how an expression such as this became the name of a restaurant. . . Well, rumor (fairly substantiated) has it that in the early 70s the two original owners purchased the restaurant but were undecided upon a name. . . one night while they were "slightly" intoxicated shooting rats at a pig farm (for amusement of course) one looked at the other and asked "what are we going to call this place?" His reply, "I don't know. . . In a Pigs Eye?" and so the story began.

The "Pig's" colorful past will provide great tales for generations to come. In the meantime, since we purchased the restaurant in 1986 we have always take the utmost pride in our atmosphere, quality of food and service. . . So sit back, relax and enjoy your experience. . . Become part of our family and Dine-up. . . Dress Down.

Bon Appétit,
Jenny & Jon Reardon
and the staff at In a Pig's Eye

Contact Us

Proprietors: Jenny & Jon Reardon

148 Derby Street, Salem, MA 01970

Phone: 978-741-4436

Fax: 978-745-9468

General Inquiries:
email: inapigseye@verizon.net

Booking Information:
email: inapigseyemusic@gmail.com